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We pride ourselves in sourcing the very best and rarest JDM parts. Our customers come to us because we go directly to japan to source your parts without any middle man, passing the savings to you. One rare part can make your build complete, and we are here to help.

Simply contact us now with your specific requests and we'll be able to track down your parts.


JDM Distro: Behind the Shutter

We want to show people what goes on behind the Shutters of JDM Distro. Every couple of weeks we will be releasing a new video segment entitled: “Behind The Shutter”. The idea is to give our customers an insight into the character of our Business, and people who work here. We will be also featuring containers landing from Japan regularly, what cars we drive, etc etc. Here is Episode one. Enjoy

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Japfest 2017

We take a cruise through Japfest 2017 and take a look at some of the epic metal which made an appearance.  This s14A was hitting the spot. (more…)

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The Juicebox BBQ 2017

  We take a look at the Annual Juicebox BBQ to check out some quality machinery. This BBQ is an invite-only event which is held every year at an undisclosed location here in Ireland. The cars are hand selected by the guys at Juicebox and invitations are sent out a week before the event takes place. Great care is taken to compile a decent list of cars which best represent the Irish car scene. (more…)

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A Heated year so far for jdmdistro sponsored Drift Championships

  For the second year running JDMDistro are proud to partner with the Irish & British Drift Championships by offering a complete JDMDistro 2JZ engine setup for the top ProAm drivers in both series. There has been incredible development in the IDC and BDC over the last year and we feel it is important to support the series. Things are only getting more interesting as we just cross over the half way mark with each series. If you haven't been following either so so far you are missing out, both BDC and IDC are the most watched Drift events in the world at the moment packed with some of the best drift talent on the planet. Global warfare just took place in Mondello over the last few days with many foreign drivers coming over to try shatter the unbeaten Irish streak. This streak remains intact as the Irish fought to defend this streak taking the top three podium positions. As we roll towards the last few events the fierce competition will only escalate. In the IADC series who will bring home the jdmdistro.com 2JZ engine in Pro Am class? Next up for the BDC is the infamous Drift Land on the 26-27th of August while IDC will be taking over Watergrass hill from the 12th to the 13th of August. Both are not to be missed.

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JDMDistro is now on Youtube

We've put together a youtube channel! From now on we will be adding our ever changing selection of wheels and along with that we will also be adding clips from what's going on behind closed doors at JDMDistro. Stay tuned for regular updates and make sure to subscribe for further content. Click the link to our page here.

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Great new brands coming to JDMDistro. Here at JDMDistro HQ we are always giving our customers access to the best of what is available from Japan. Over the coming months we will be adding some exciting new brands and new ways of buying what you want from Japan. More wheels, more suspension, more Aero, more of what you want :) As usual, we can pickup anything you might want in Japan and have it shipped to anywhere in Europe, regardless of how big or heavy it is. Keep an eye on the site and our Facebook page for updates.

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