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Bringing A Work Meister Back From The Dead

We came across this pair of Meisters on Yahoo not too long ago and decided to take a gamble on them. As you can see from the image above, the outer lip suffered a pretty serious impact. It’s hard to know what happened but regardless, we figured we would take a gamble, bring this wheel to Ireland and give it a second chance.

The rear barrel looked to be in good shape so we decided we would tear it down and order a new outer lip from Work wheels. The beauty of genuine three-piece wheels is you can easily tear down most high-quality brand such as Work or SSR and replace the damaged inner/outer lips.

With the face of the wheel out, we added a chemical cleaner to remove as much brake dust as possible.

If only you could smell through the computer screen. This stuff is pretty nasty but it does an incredible job. There was no way we could have left the face covered in dust and grime, especially with a brand new outer lip.

After leaving it to sit for a bit we washed it down and brought it back inside to meet its new friend.

Earlier that morning, a fresh outer lip had arrived from Work wheels and it was blinging.

Adrian had the fun job of cleaning all the original sealer off of the wheel and rear barrel. Sadly the wheel face had seen better days and would need a full respray if someone was to fully refurbish these Meisters, regardless the chemical solution did a great job.

I love this side by side comparison. It’s great that companies like Work offer replacement lips for their wheel range. This Meister is easily over fifteen years old and the lip looks just like the original.

The big moment…

Damn does that looks good! The Meister is an all-time Japanese classic. One of the most timeless designs to ever emerge from Japan and chunky size examples like this get us pretty excited.


Adrian is left with the fun task of refitting all the hardware, it’s a satisfying task nonetheless.

Everything is torqued to Works specification, Adrian added some sealer between the inner and outer barrel just like these three-piece wheels would have had from the factory, this stops them from leaking air. The Yahoo auctions gamble paid off, this Meister lives to see another day!

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