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Distro Stories: Up To MotorsportFifty6

When our engines land in from Japan, we check them over one by one and compression test them whenever possible. Anytime there’s an issue with the recent purchases we usually send them up to our friend Bob Stevens who runs Motorsportfifty6 up in the scenic hills close to Glendalough.

Bob builds drift cars for people, fabricates roll cages, rebuilds engines and has a wealth of knowledge on classic American having the advantage of moving to Ireland from Florida over a decade ago.

When the sun is out, you can’t beat Ireland for the scenic views. This is about twenty minutes from our warehouse.

Anytime we call to the workshop there’s always something interesting to look at.

There’s usually a drift car or two as this is his biggest market.

Bob has a ton of random parts which have gathered up over the years too. It’s a small shop but it has everything he needs.

You’ll find a nice mix of gearboxes, 2JZ’s, RB25 and RB26’s in various states along with LS motors, something he’s well used to. At the time of writing, this Bob was building a clean room to build our engines that require a teardown.

Not much left on this! Crazy how stripped back drift cars are these days. This was awaiting a cage and a few other bits.

We would love to do more stuff on his place over the coming months as he works our way through rebuilding some of our engines. Stay tuned!

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