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Overnight parts from Japan

Every container arrival is like a mini Christmas.

From cracking open the doors to slowly unload the goods, we tend to get pretty excited about unloading every pallet.

We have seen a lot of this stuff online already whilst making the purchase for our own stock and for customers but it’s nice to finally see stuff in the flesh as it sees Irish light for the first time.

Once the stuff is in the warehouse we usually can’t contain ourselves and start tearing boxes open to see whats inside. Most of the stuff is incredibly well packed, hiding any little clues as to what lurks under the array of funky cardboard packaging. These SSR SS05s were a real treat once the packaging was removed.

Another box revealed these fully polished Work Meisters.

I’ve always been a big fan of these Work Gnosis GS2’s This set had a machined lip and some gold hardware.

The entire combination was nice on the eyes, definitely one of the best looking new age wheels.

Another great looking wheel, the Gramlight 57C, these didn’t stick around for long, looking forward to seeing these on a car.

Another batch of engines was restocked for the shelf, most of these hang around in the warehouse for less than a week before being processed and sent to various customers all over the world.

Always a pleasure to see a proper set of Meister SP1’s.

Another absolute gem that arrived in the latest container were these Advan RG1 in holy grail size: 17×9.5 Offset +14!

We have started importing some of the newer Wedssport offerings, we see very few of these wheels over this side of the globe. These SA55m’s are a super looking wheel.

Another classic wheel, the SSR Longchamp XR4, these were in the rare 8J -12 and co do with a little polish…

Check these Rare Mercury Silver TE37s, it doesn’t matter how many times I look at the TE37, it never gets old.

These CRK ultimate were another treat revealed from under the packaging.

The SSR SP3 is another wheel that’s uncommon enough on Irish soil.

Another set of GTR faced 17 inch TE37’s. Could we ever get bored of these wheels? I’m not so sure, I’ve been staring at them for a long time and everytime we bring in a new set, we still get pretty excited, especially if they are mega sizes.

The Gramlight 57F is a wheel I had never come across in real life, these were another GTR faced super aggressive size and had zero kerbing and minimal dirt, these were like new. Essentially a 5 spoke TE37, they didn’t hang around for long. We probably won’t see another set in this size again.

This container was filled with rare wheels, the VS-XX is a common enough wheel but in 4×100 and 15 inch? That’s almost unheard of.

How about some Loop five/ Work CR01’s in 4×100 with a machined finish? These came off of a seriously stanced civic in Japan.

The next few days after the container is unloaded, the warehouse can look a little chaotic as we try to pack customer orders which they have been waiting months to receive. Japan is on the other side of the globe so shipping takes up to three months after the item has been picked up in Japan.

If these parts could speak… Many items that arrive here have had a very interesting life in Japan, if only they could share the tales.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into our last container via photos. Be sure to check out Behind the shutter #13 if you want to see this in motion.

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