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Driftworks 4 Arm Kit for Nissan 200SX S14 and S15 Silvia


The Driftworks 4 Arm Kit Comprises of –

2 X Tension Rods – Adjust Castor and replace the large worn out Nissan bush
2 X Camber Arms – Adjust rear camber for the correct tyre contact patch on lowered cars and remove worn Nissan Bushings
2 X Toe Rods – Adjust your rear toe correctly on lowered cars and remove worn Nissan Bush
2 X Traction Rods – Adjust toe change under compression and remove worn Nissan Bush

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Driftworks adjustable tension rods

Allowing you to accurately set the caster angle of the front suspension and dramatically improve steering response and feel. By using a high load spherical bearing they eliminate all the play that the huge liquid filled standard bushes cause. Tying the front end together properly and dialling in more caster angle works together to transform the feel of the car.

Adjustable Tension Rods

Driftworks adjustable camber control arms with sperical bearings allow you to accurately set your rear camber. A must for any lowered car, as the standard eccentric bolt doesn’t allow enough adjustment. Correct alignment is essential for any car, be it to reduce tyre wear or dial in the perfect geometry for a fast road, track or drift setup.

Driftworks Camber Arm

Driftworks adjustable toe rods, again essential when lowering the car, you often go beyond the range of standard toe adjustment causing uneven tyre wear and poor handling characteristics. The adjustable toe rods allow you to dial in precise settings for your needs, be it for tyre wear, fast road, track or drift use. The use of spherical bearings helps eliminate unwanted play in suspension components without any noticable difference in refinement .

Driftworks Toe Rod

Driftworks adjustable traction rods, replace the standard non adjustable Nissan part. It is the final adjustable arm needed on S14 and S15 rear suspension set up. Adjusting this arm’s length decides how much toe is given to the rear wheel under suspension compression. They also eliminate another of the unwanted standard rubber bushes from the rear suspension setup, once again contributing towards that perfect handling car.

Driftworks Traction Rod

All DW suspension products are designed and tested for rigorous use. They are made to there own exacting specifications, using high load Japanese three piece bearings, and strong welds. Do not confuse these products with cheap imitations that use dangerous bearings, poor quality materials and insufficient welding.

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