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Adrians Carina

Adrian recently picked up this stunning A60 series Carina which was recently imported from Japan.

This car only has around 84,000km on the clock and was in incredibly good condition for its age. We headed up the country to pick it up just over a month ago and its little 1C diesel engine chugged all the way back to the shop at a rather dull pace, by the time we made it back Adrian already wanted to rip it out of the car.

As cool as the car looked visually both inside and out, the diesel engine is incredibly dead as it’s a straight diesel eighties Toyota power plant, it sounds like something from a truck. and after 30 or more years of driving it had seen better days.

We took this little beauty out for one last spin before it was brought back into the warehouse to have its guts removed as it gets the full treatment. Some new wheels, suspension and t50 gearbox, 16valve 4a-ge combo, a setup this car came standard with as an option in Japan…

Be sure to check back for more updates on this as the month’s progress.

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