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An Omori Factory Encounter

Every once in awhile something we are treated to something extra special from Japan. Introducing the Nismo LMGT4 Omori factory edition wheels which we custom ordered for a customer.

There are far too many replicas of this wheel, we are almost immune to seeing this shape because of the endless replicas which have been produced over the last decade. It took seeing the genuine article to reignite my love for this five spoke beauty. The LMGT4 has to be one of the most replicated wheels in history and its timeless five-spoke design made it an easy target.

There is a waiting list for these wheels, they also make very few sets each year and are easily considered to be the holy grail of Nissan Skyline shoes.

The Omori Factory edition is available in matt black only and has the Nismo logo machined into the spoke. They are manufactured by Rays and are a forged wheel. Essentially a five-spoke TE37. 

Our encounter was brief. These were only in our warehouse for 24 hours before being reboxed and shipped off to a lucky customer in France. We might not ever get to see another set of these beauties again. These are actually going on his R34 GT-T and are an even more unusual staggered 9.5J ET12 on the front and 10.5 ET15 on the rear.


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