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A Wild S30 Appears At Distro

This stunning S30 called down to Distro a few weeks ago to try on some wheels. We are ordering a custom set of Work Glowstar mesh for this beauty and the owner wanted to see what sizes he could get away with.

This car was imported into Ireland a little over a year ago and the owner has been slowly restoring the Datsun whenever he gets the chance.

I’m a sucker for all these little stickers and details. The was is in reasonably good shape for its age although the owner explained to us how this old Datsun revealed some surprise rust once the car landed. The floor pans had to be replaced in both footwells and some other bits of metalwork.

More cool stickers, we love a bit of “carchaeology ” around here.  

Under the bonnet is a very cool L20 mated to Solex Carbs. This thing sounds like heaven.

Orange is one of the best colours on this body and as we stood around admiring this Fairlady, we all agreed the S30 is one of the prettiest body styles to ever emerge from70’s Japan. Not too many of these survived that were actually purchased originally here in Ireland back in the day, mainly due to Ireland’s hostile conditions when it comes to old Japanese cars. Rust is the biggest killer with old Japanese tin and there’s not a whole lot of this stuff left here.

Light from outside casts across the front of that unmistakable front, lurking as we back this beauty in to try on some wheels.

The owner made this fantastic little hack out of timber, a sill protector for the cars jacking points. I’ll have to steal this idea as pretty much every single 70s/80s sill is made of chocolate these days and it’s not worth the risk of crushing it.

We tried on some Hayashi streets, one of the best wheels from that era. These were coming in at 15×8″ with a Zero offset.

Sean fitted them to one side and we carefully lowered the car down to see where it would naturally sit.

I’m a sucker for these wheels, I would have taken these on the spot and walked out the door. This is such an iconic look. I really admire the owner for being able to say no to these wheels. He wanted to try something different. As much as he appreciated this look, its quite common formula with these cars. The owner didn’t want his car to be just another S30 on Hayashi’s, and that’s completely understandable.

After a few minutes, we figured out just what sizes were needed for this and brand new Glowstar meshes from Work wheels have been ordered.  I look forward to seeing this project take shape over the coming years, the owner has been into cars for as long as he can remember and looks forward to putting his own look on this epic looking S30.

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